International Friendship Day was commemorated on the 10th of April. This year’s theme was ‘Deepening International Friendships’. Friendships can be fostered through many activities. Pupils were reminded of the importance of making friends with people from other nationalities. They also learnt that friendships promote harmony.


This year’s programme started with a Morning Express on the 8th of April, where pupils learnt that Singapore’s late founder, Mr Lee Kuan Yew believed that friendships can be fostered between other countries. He led by example and put Singapore on the world map. They were also given examples on how to appreciate and celebrate diversity.


On the 9th of April, pupils were encouraged to participate in the recess activities with their international friends. They were treated to popcorn and candy floss. This brought smiles to many faces. Pupils queued patiently and even offered to share with others. They displayed compassion through their actions.


There was also an eye-catching photo booth set-up. Pupils took photos with their friends using props like speech bubbles containing greetings from other countries, in another language. Teachers and pupils also donned head gears from other cultures. The photos looked awesome!


Friendships can be fostered through games too. As such, the celebrations culminated with a Sports Carnival. Pupils played games and enjoyed themselves. The day ended with a meaningful video which featured all the activities carried out on this significant day.


 Watch the video to find out more about pupils’ thoughts and reflections.




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